I left a pretty cryptic entry last time. Essentially, I am trying see how easy it is to build a Chrome OS using Fedora as a base. It was pretty easy, and I have the instructions on how to do it. I’m going to put together a series of Jing screencasts (my new favorite screencasting tool), to show you how. That’ll take a few days to get together, especially given the beautiful weather we’re finally getting here in Ottawa.

But I wanted to show you a screenshot of the final result. Because, not only am I doing a Chrome OS look-a-like thing, I’m also putting Fedora’s OpenJDK and an Equinox server application on it to run applications locally. In this case, it’s the GWT Greetings app that you get when you create a new GWT project in Eclipse.

As I mentioned when I first heard of Chrome OS that it would be great if we could put Equinox on there to run local apps. Now I have a chance to expand on that idea and see whether it makes sense. Once I get the instructions together you can try it to. Could this be a start of an Eclipse OS?