I’ve been working on this for over a year now and I finally have it in shape for people to try out. It’s the Arduino C++ IDE for Eclipse!

Why did I build it? Well really it’s because I bought myself an Arduino Uno to get familiar with the Arduino ecosystem and have fallen in love with it. But the Arduino IDE is pretty simple. What? An IDE without content assist? Anyway, I thought it would be really cool to bring the latest from our work on the Eclipse CDT project so I can use the product of my passion for tools on my passion for microcontrollers. And it helps us provide a proving ground for those ideas and an exemplary integration to show things off.

It’s up on the Eclipse Marketplace. Links to the CDT forums to ask questions and to the CDT bugzilla to report any bugs. I’ve also made a video to help users get started. The video also shows off two other components I’m hoping will be useful to the greater Eclipse community, the Launch Bar and the org.eclipse.remote Connections view and Console-based terminal. Enjoy!